JP Sorrell and Clear View Homes are TOPS in every way. Beautiful solid building, extremely responsive, and TOP integrity. They built a beautiful deck for me, for which I receive constant compliments, and when I had an unrelated emergency, they immediately jumped in to take care of me. I HIGHLY recommend them. They are outstanding! Thank you Clear View Homes!!!
-Robin Racquel Silverman
If you want a real “custom” house, Clear View can build it.  Several builders claim they build custom houses.  They mean you can choose your own appliances and make some minor adjustments to the plans.  But Clear View can build your vision without limit, and enjoy the challenge of doing so.  The Clear View owner, JP Sorrell, is honest, accommodating, reasonable and easy to deal with.
After we moved in, we noticed the master bath area was colder than other parts of the house.  At no charge, Clear View came back and installed more insulation.  We had a couple of other things we wanted done that were not specified in our original contract and not a result of any deficiency or fault on Clear View’s part.  Even after 5 years, at a very reasonable charge, they came back and addressed our items.
Building a real custom house is an undertaking that needs an experienced and skilled builder, which Clear View has proven to be.  But satisfaction also depends on your carefully detailed specifications.  Not just blueprints but a comprehensive list of all of your requirements, best provided before the project begins.

-Kim Deutsch